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In the free treatment time campers will have the opportunity to make a number of tours.
For many centuries Poltava played the role of an important cultural and historical centre. Here are concentrated the most valuable monuments of history and architecture of world importance. History is connected with names of many well-known artists and writers, who found inspiration in the bosom of nature.
Widely developed folk crafts (embroidery, carpet weaving, ceramics). The work of masters of the poltava known around the world.
The most interesting objects of tourism:

Birch Rudka

" If we met again." wrote in his poem, dedicated to the mistress of the estate of Anna Zakrevskii in love with her Taras Shevchenko.
In a Birch Рудци preserved палацово- park complex, which is a typical example of the manor estate of XVIII century. The complex consists of the palace of Закревских (in 1838.) and the park with the area of 45 hectares. Also in the village is one of the three pyramids of Europe - the burial vault of the family Закревских (in 1899.), which has a height of 9 meters high and constructed of authentic material.


It was here that was born the greatest Ukrainian poet, philosopher, educator Skovoroda. His life and work can be found in the literary-memorial museum Skovoroda. Decoration of the museum - manor of parents of the philosopher, which was typical of the Ukrainian Cossack land-hungry, which consists of a house, barn and well-crane.
Things to do:

The spiritual capital of Poltava welcome to Holy Transfiguration Monastery, which was founded in 1619, the monastery is the gem of the Transfiguration Cathedral (in 1692) with majestic bell tower (in 1785). The monastery at one time attended by almost all the Hetman of Ukraine, there was all the classics of Ukrainian literature xux-twentieth century. Now revived shrine waiting for you.
Things to do:

Great Sorochintsy

". road, ten miles to the little town of boiled shirt people, who hurried from all the surrounding and distant villages to the fair. . "So wrote Nikolai Gogol. Now Sorochinskiy National Fair - an annual theatrical trading activities, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people from Ukraine and the world. Kindly invited to the fair and you are with your family and friends will enjoy a gourmet and music lovers.
Things to do:


The city was founded in 1575 from 1648, was the center of the Mirgorod regiment, in 1654 became part of Russia. In 1758, in Mirgorod born great Russian artist Vladimir Borovikovsky. At the end of the XIX century. through Mirgorod railroad was laid «Poltava» Kiev. In 1896 was founded in Mirgorod art industrial school of Nikolai Gogol. Currently Mirgorod State College ceramic behalf NV Gogol is recognized throughout the Ukraine center of artistic ceramics.
In April 1917 a country doctor Zubkovsky opened the first baths, which has grown into a resort Mirgorod.
Things to do:

  • History Museum.
  • Memorial Museum for Literature D. Guramishvili (1705-1792 gg.) Georgian poet (lived in Mirgorod).
  • Ceramic College (in 1846).
  • Mirgorod resort.


Pod. Mirgorod in the village Dibrovka (Ukrainian Dibrivka) Grand Prince Dmitry Romanov (Nicholas and grandson) had his own stud farm (founded in 1888), where bred trotters "orlovtsev", which were highly appreciated in the Russian army. In 1913 he presided over the All-Russian Exhibition trotters in Kiev. For nearly 30 years of existence (as of 1917 - Auth.) Stud Dubrovka (Dibrivtsi), in the words of DK Romanov, was a true leader in Russia. Riders on horseback he won prestigious awards at home and abroad, the horses are sold out for quite high prices, there was also a great demand for students of schools at the plant. He numbered at that time. 600 Chairmen of the horses! In 2008, a large Stud Duke said 120 years! And now, every May 2 at the plant is very colorful and crowded kіnny-sports trade show, which sezzhayutsya lovers of horses from all over the CIS.
Things to do:
  • Stud Farm - founded Konstantin Romanov (the grandson of Nicholas I) in 1888


Goncharsky capital of Ukraine, which for the past three millennia, developing a craft. Now it has established a National Museum of Ukrainian pottery, which houses a museum of pottery, a set of provincial zemstvo pottery, estates, museums and A. Selyuchenka family of potters Poshivayliv, pottery gallery in the open.
Things to do:


Legendary village in the Poltava region, in which up to now have come to klasitsistichna Nicholas' Church and burial vault Kochubey (1794), Holy Trinity Church (in 1780), the legend is in it Vakula painted devil. Also interesting is the triumphal arch (in 1820) was built in honor of Emperor Alexander I. Tsіkavim is also a monument BM-13, established in honor of the first shot of the glorious "Katyusha" in Ukraine.
Things to do:


Chronicles of Poltava, preserved for us a huge number of attractions archeology and architecture. Among them, the most striking is a unique ensemble of world-renowned Round Square (1805 1811rr.) Park with Cabinet
and administrative buildings of the city.
Be sure to visit the State Historical and Cultural Reserve "Flight of the Battle of Poltava," on its territory have been battles in XIV-XX century. That changed the course of history in many countries on the Eurasian continent.
Things to do:

  • Holy Cross men's Monastir (1699-1709 gg.).
  • National History Museum (1903-1908 gg.) At Poltava.
  • Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the city of Poltava.
  • The ensemble of the round square Monument of Glory (1805-1811 gg.).
  • Pam'yatnik Peter I (1849).
  • Trіumfalna Arch (1820).
  • Museum Sovereign zapovіdnik educator AS Makarenko.
  • Memorіalny complex sadibi fіlosofa i poet GS A frying pan.


It is a large family estate of the writer, in which he spent his childhood and teenage years, he often came here for life. Now the estate Gogol-Yanovsky open State Museum D. Gogol, in which the parental home, outbuilding, beautiful park with a gazebo and grotto.
Things to do:


An old Cossack town in which the ancestral palace Muravyovih apostles (XIX century). With the park, the estate in 1824-1825. meeting took place the Decembrists.
Things to do:
  • Ancestral palace Muravyovih apostles (XIX century).


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